Tucan Web World enables small-to-medium-sized businesses and independent professionals to immediately put their best foot forward with a robust and effective online presence that increases business opportunities, accelerates brand recognition and converts visitors into repeat customers.


The upscale graphic design and powerful content management solutions previously available only for large businesses are now affordable for entrepreneurs and smaller organisations. With a set of elegant designs, comprehensive branding options and interactive features, Tucan Web World provides a one-stop solution for creating stylish and engaging Web sites without any technical or artistic expertise necessary. 


Professional design without the expense of the design studio

Tucan Web World designs have the professional impact of top design agency works without the big price tag. They offer a high level of customisation and enable businesses to extend their corporate image to the web while at the same time maintaining consistent branding throughout the site.


Tucan Web World designs allow users to brand the site with their own company logo, copyright and slogan. They offer a rich library of page header visuals, upload of custom header graphics, different layout options for home and internal pages and ability to introduce sub-branding by selecting page and menu color schemes.

Tucan Web World presents a unique, all-inclusive Web publishing service

Tucan Web World combines everything you need to build and host your site - comprehensive, best-of-class features, elegant designs and full scalability. With Tucan Web World you can instantly update text, images, video and photo galleries, add Web forms, blogs and forums, create members-only areas and more - all under the same branding umbrella.



Professionally designed templates

With Tucan Web World you can get a professionally designed site without the need to hire a design studio. Tucan Web World features over 50 upscale designs specifically designed to provide a consistent look and feel to any content you post on your site.  With Tucan Web World you can enjoy our quickly growing selection of business-oriented designs featuring multiple navigation bars and enhanced branding and customisation options. You can instantly change the design of the entire site with a single click without impacting its content, functionality or integrity.

Intuitive Text and Image Editor

Editing rich text in Tucan Web World is as easy as editing a word document. The editor offers intuitive formatting controls, easy linking, tables,ability to insert flash and other rich media. Tucan Web World's smart style system helps keep formatting consistent throughout all pages on the site. Even if you copy-paste external content, it is instantly formatted in your site's current style. 

Page and navigation management

Tucan Web World allows you to add an unlimited number of pages to your site and easily edit, add, remove, and rearrange navigation items.  As content contributors update the site, all pages automatically maintain a unified appearance and consistent navigation structure. You can assign select pages to members-only areas as well as set automatic notification to registered users when new updates are published on a page. 

Image galleries and photo prints

With Tucan Web World Image Galleries you can share your photos online and order prints. You can upload multiple images directly from a zip file, with thumbnails and gallery navigation getting automatically prepared. A variety of gallery views are available, including a slide-show with transition effects. You can also restrict access to the original images and photo prints ordering interface to a group of select persons.

Forum and Blog

Tucan Web World allows you to set up a blog or discussion forum within your website in minutes. You can create a discussion forum where site visitors can interact among themselves or with your company personnel or set up a weblog journal for posting news updates and opinions. The Forum and Blog module allows you to define different access rights for registered and anonymous users, set moderators, make postings over email, enable RSS and get email digests of new comments.

Mailing List

With Tucan Web World you can allow visitors to subscribe to one or many mailing lists on your site for receiving newsletter updates. You can easily send out messages to hundreds of subscribers, manage the list of subscribers or view the history of sent emails.

Members - only areas

By using mailing list subscription and password protection you can create members-only areas where visitors are encouraged to share information in exchange for access to additional layers of the site content. Members to specific mailing lists may be allowed to navigate to deeper content layers and get access to resources with more valuable information.

File Areas

With Tucan Web World you can store files for download in neatly organised file areas. You can set password protection per file or limit access to files only for members of a mailing list on your site.

Web Forms

Tucan Web World intuitive Forms Editor will let you create feedback, subscription, or other Web forms without any coding . You can use any of the popular controls - text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop downs; set appropriate validation or default values, add hidden fields. Your Web form can send the submitted information as an email or post it as an entry in a forum or blog. 

HTML Snippet

With the HTML Snippet element you can easily Integrate a piece of HTML code within the content area of your site. This allows you to add Paypal buttons or a Paypal shopping cart, integrate a Google Search, Ad Sense or Analytics or interface with other 3rd party systems.

Hits Counter

The Hits Counter is the easiest way to track and display the number of visitors to your site or a specific page. 

Site Statistics

Tucan Web World features an integrated comprehensive site statistics module. You can monitor your site traffic, page hits, and referrers per day and month.

Search Engine Optimization


Web sites are search engine optimized and feature search engine-friendly page URLs. You can also add meta tag information such as keywords, site title, and site description.